Digital nomad Patrick Kogler opens up about “holidaying and making money at the same time”


Traveling has always been very important to Patrick Kogler, 26, entrepreneur, coach and branding expert. Especially from warm countries, such as Thailand, he always felt very attracted. He is the classic type of sun worshiper and whenever winter arrives in Austria he is already on his way into the sun.

Thailand is the perfect country for him because of the climate, the culture and the lifestyle of the people there. Buddhism is the dominant religion of Thailand and according to statistics, about 94 percent of the population admits to it. “I am very interested in Buddhism and I have read various books about spirituality and meditation in the last few years. I find it remarkable how people in Thailand find their inner center and how they show us Europeans a functional working-life balance. By spending time in this beautiful country, you realize how little you actually need to be happy and satisfied, “Patrick enthuses.

He spends the fourth consecutive winter on Koh Samui; This time he is here for 3 months.

What else can the young entrepreneur tell us about life in Thailand?

“Life there is very simple and yet extremely structured. People know exactly what they are dealing with, even if it does not look like that in everyday traffic, for example .. Sticking to the traffic rules? – NO! The interesting thing is, people are like gears in a gearbox, everyone knows their place and does their own thing. I’ve never seen an accident since I’ve been there on a regular basis! “says Patrick wide-eyed.

Has he ever experienced something negative before? Theft, robbery and even worse should not be too much of a worry in Thailand, but a watchful eye never hurts. Officially it is said that the crime against tourists and visitors is extremely low, in comparison to other travel countries.

Patrick says: “If a tourist loses only 2 Euro on the street, the next Thai man comes running in and carries it after him, because Buddhism means that you should help your fellow human beings. Nobody is robbed there. This value the Thai people. They believe that all actions, whether good or bad, will come back to them. ”

Especially for islands like Koh Samui are the grill stations everywhere on the streets and of course the stalls with fresh fruit.

“Believe me, you only know how a banana or pineapple really tastes like when you eat it in Thailand. You really can not compare the fruit from here to ours at home.”
This statement sounds tempting and makes you want to bite in a fresh pineapple from Thailand too.

So why is Thailand the perfect country to spend the winter for a businessman like Patrick Kogler?
He gives us the answer.
“Because I can work from anywhere, all I need is a laptop, Wi-Fi and a good internet connection. The best part for me is that I can show people how to do and achieve the same thing. I think I am a very good role model, because I do not live in Austria all the year. Because of my job I can live where I want to live. I think traveling is very important, because you are developing extremely, the mindset opens and you get in touch with different cultures. That’s what I call freedom, and at the same time it’s my #1 success tip.”

This businessman really knows what makes a fulfilling and successful lifestyle. We can cut a slice of that and wish him many more adventurous trips.