Everything we know about Hereford Films’ action-packed drug running film Trappers


London-based indie Hereford Films has announced its first urban thriller: the action-packed drug running film Trappers.

Based on a true story, the film follows a naïve girl working as a stockbroker office massage therapist, who is the financial and emotional rock of her family. Things take a turn for the worst when she loses her job and her father is killed in an altercation with a loan shark, who she brutally attacks. Fearing she will go down for murder, she goes on the run and turns to enigmatic gangland figure Sharky and bad boy nightclub promoter Niall. They both teach her the fine art of dealing cocaine, thrusting her into the dangerous world of money, sex, guns and drugs. Can she stay on the straight and narrow to find out the truth about her father’s murder or is the bad life just too good?

The film is written by Jade Asha, who worked as production manager on Femi Oyeniran’s The Intent.

Hereford’s busy 2019/2020 slate includes sequels The Krays  – Marked For Death and We Still Die The Old Way, casino heist movie Swipe, bare knuckle fighting biopic Pretty Boy and gangland home invasion thriller Reckoning Day.