Families in London are overpaying for energy by £712 million every year


Are you overpaying for your energy bills? A recent study of energy rates in London states that you are.

The data, revealed by energy switching specialists Migrate, shows that each household in London is currently overpaying by £218 each year for energy due to not switching supplier.

Across the UK, Brits are contributing a huge £7.2 billion more on energy than necessary, by remaining in stagnant contracts with their existing energy suppliers. Of that amount, London families have overpaid by a collective £712 million in the last year alone.

CEO and Co-founder of Migrate, George Chambers, said that in the face of an unstable economy as a result of Brexit, households across the country should feel empowered to make the switch to save money:

“It is common knowledge in the industry that people can save in excess of £300 through switching energy supplier every year – a secret that energy companies keep close to their chest.

What this means is that by not switching supplier, as a nation, we are paying an unnecessary amount of extra money for our energy, despite automatic switching making energy switching quick, cheap and easy for all”

To read more about the study and to see how your area compares to the rest of the UK, go to https://migrate.co.uk/2019/01/20/britains-energy-overpayment/