Fight Your Smoking Addiction & Fix Your Teeth


When it comes to giving up smoking, we tend to focus on the benefits for our heart and lungs. Did you know however that you could see real benefits for your teeth and gum health? From reduced gum disease to cleaner, whiter teeth and even a reduced risk of oral cancer; there’s never been a better time to fight your smoking addiction and in turn, reward yourself with a Hollywood smile. To make it even easier, we’ve listed below the two steps you need to take to make it happen.

Fight Your Smoking Addiction

We all know that smoking brings with it some huge health risks. Regardless, whether you’re a social smoker or a regular smoker, kicking the habit can be tougher than most of us would like to admit. Smoking especially, isn’t just a physical addiction, it can also be a habitual addiction too. 

The nicotine within the cigarettes themselves is highly addictive thanks to the temporary high it gives your body. By attempting to eliminate this ‘fix’, you can begin to experience withdrawal symptoms and cravings which can often become the stumbling block for most. With professional help however, quitting can become a much easier, much more manageable process.

At Infinity Addictions, a provider of addiction solutions, they offer different types of addiction treatments that don’t just suit your lifestyle but suit your type of addiction itself. They believe there are numerous reasons behind addiction such as smoking, which is why they offer several different therapies. The various therapies in place will cater not only to your addiction, the type of addiction you have but also your particular personality type. 

With the help of different approaches available, individuals will find they receive an almost bespoke approach to their treatment making treatment not only easier to manage but much more successful in both the short and long term. With their compassionate and caring treatment service, you could find yourself kicking the habit thanks to Infinity’s addiction treatment services, and more. Call today on 0800 334 5541 for more information. 

Get That Hollywood Smile

Now you’ve kicked your habit, it’s finally time to get your teeth looking as beautiful as you’d always imagined. One of the biggest benefits of giving up smoking is that not only will your gum health improve but the continuation of teeth stains will cease. This however doesn’t mean your teeth will return to a brighter, whiter appearance all of their own accord.

There is an easy way to do this however and that’s through the help of a professional dental practice. At Pantiles Dental Practice you can enjoy first-class general dentistry whereby you can receive the necessary dental care to get your gums and teeth to a much healthier state. Whether you need to visit the hygienist or need more in-depth treatment such as root canal, all treatments can be given in their Billericay based practice.  

Once your mouth health is where it should be (providing you keep up the good work by evading that bad habit you once had), it’s then time to move onto the cosmetic side of things. With Pantiles Dental Practice, you can receive some of the best cosmetic dentistry in the whole of the UK. From straighter teeth with the incredible Invisalign to brighter whiter teeth with their convenient at-home tooth whitening kits. At Pantiles Dental Practice, a Hollywood smile could be yours and for less than you think too with monthly dental care plans. For more information on how you can fix your smile, contact Pantiles Dental Practice today on 01277 658374.