Throw The Perfect Event


Whether you’re looking to throw an event this year or next, we have the top three additions to ensure your event is a hit. From signage to phone charging, we’ve got you covered.

Keep Your Phones Charged

One of the biggest factors for any event, especially corporate events, is the fact that news of said event can be shared with the world, reaching global followers in a mere matter of seconds. With just a few clicks on one’s smartphone your event and everything it’s celebrating could be reaching followers from around the world without you ever having to lift a finger. 

From Facebook to Instagram, everyone wants to share their experiences which is not only great for them, but great for business too. The only way to ensure this is by enabling people to charge their phones. 

Fully charged phones don’t just allow people to spread the word about your event. They also keep guests in attendance too. People are now more willing than ever to leave an event, when their phone batteries die. 

Thankfully there’s a rather easy way to keep people are your event and ensure people continue to provide you with virtually free marketing and that’s by providing them with a means to keep their phone batteries fully charged all night long. Chargespot UK are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mobile phone charging stations

With their phone charging stations strategically placed, your guests have the chance to charge their phone as and when needed. This means that each and every guest has a full battery allowing them to continue taking pictures, videos and subsequently sharing on social media. It also means no guests leaving early due to having no way to contact loved ones. If you’d like more information on keeping phones charged at your next event, contact Chargespot UK now on 07594 761 000.

Make Memories Forever

Having the perfect event isn’t just about offering guests amazing food and drink in a great location; it’s also now about providing an experience too. Known as the experience economy, event managers around the world now understand the importance of creating an experience that offers the opportunity to make memories. 

By offering great experiences, events and brands alike have the chance to really make an impact and there’s no better way to do that than with digital photo booth software from Snappic. 

Snappic are an incredible company offering digital photo booth software that can be used with iPads. This cloud-based system offers an easy set up with fully customisable microsites, email and photo templates allowing you to ensure everything is on brand too. 

Guests can then enjoy the amazing experience of using each photo booth to create pictures, videos and GIF’s with the help of digital props and more. With the cloud-based software allowing guests to leave their contact details as well as share via social platforms and email/text, the opportunity to increase your marketing organically is too good to be missed.

With so many amazing features including animated backgrounds and green screens, Snappic is the perfect memory making software for any event, both commercial and domestic. Not only will it help your guests make memories they’ll treasure forever but it’ll help take your business to the next level with ease. Contact Snappic today online at

Create The Perfect Signage

Last but not least, the perfect finishing touch to any event is to create the perfect signage. It’s a clear and simple fact: signage will attract attention. If you look at any event you have attended in the past, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, we guarantee you will have seen everything from welcome signage through to directional signage, taking you from one place to another. Sometimes, you will have seen and adhered to directional signage without even realising it. Visuals like these are so important.

What’s more important however, is getting them right. When you get signage right, you have the ability to increase guest satisfaction with great visuals. What’s more, with strategically placed signage around the local community before the event itself, you can even increase the number of attendees you have at any one event.

It’s also worth noting the weight that high-quality signage can have in terms of your credibility or professional appearance. By having professional signage placed in and around your event, you immediately project an appearance of legitimacy that can go a long way in terms of your brand and its reputation.

4site Implementation are a UK based company who produce first-class signage in Essex and the UK as a whole. Not only do they create large scale signage but they also design, manufacture and install amazing quality company signage, outdoor signage and even illuminated signage. Their team will work with you to ensure all signage is not only on-brand but presents the image and broadcasts the message you want. With the perfect signage at your event, the sky really is the limit. For more information, contact 4site Implementation today on 01268 540081.