Film Producer Serina Krawczyk Announces Upcoming Film “Poor Innocence” Release


The list of ways the film industry has changed over the years is essentially endless. Not only for big picture productions, but for Indie filmmaker and Detroit Native, Serina Krawczyk, paving the way for young entertainers trying to get into the industry.

Serina Krawczyk’s movie being made in a small town of Armada, Michigan is already achieving success in one area where a study says the film industry doesn’t have time making a feature film with a child as the lead star. It’s a different take on movies today where 90% of the cast from Poor Innocence are kids and teens. Her production has taken in college students wanting to get their foot into the industry, such as her lead cinematographers, Mae Kelke and Hailey Reed.

“The industry looks for new talent all the time but overlooks the underdogs that have just as much talent. Fine, you don’t want them, I’ll take them. And here we are with a release,” Serina said. “These kids are asking for a chance; anyone that will listen that they have what it takes, just give them that chance.”

“I have to be optimistic and believe there will be more producers that follow,” Krawczyk said of the film industry. “But I have to push harder, and I want them to take that spotlight and run with it. Prove everyone wrong.”

While streaming service has taken over cinema, Serina Krawczyk and Serina Film Productions announced the release date of ‘Poor Innocence’, set to be in your home February 2020.