SPONSORED: Hai Dinho Exposes The Best Hashtag Strategies To Grow On TikTok



TikTok has been the new kid on the block ever since the global pandemic. It was initially portrayed as an app for kids until a plethora of people started becoming internet sensations overnight. This very unique algorithm TikTok created has transformed the whole game for businesses that are quickly adopting this social media giant. According to parent company Bytedance, TikTok’s global monthly users have grown 1,157.76% since January 2018, where it had 54.7 million users. In the US, the app has seen a 787.86% increase in users within the same period, going from 11.2 to over 100 million active users. 

Hai Dinho is an entrepreneur that started out on TikTok just for fun until he grew his following close to 60,000 followers in a short period of time. At first, Dinho thought it was luck until he started getting viral videos back to back from specific methods he learned along the way. 

Here are 4 hashtag strategies from Dinho, that could help you grow an audience for the upcoming new year:

Use Relevant Hashtags To Your Niche

Don’t fall into the mistake of exhausting the use of hashtags into your caption, TikTok will mark that as spam. Instead, experiment with these 4 methods:

Method 1: Broad

    Ex. #fyp, #tiktok, #viral, #trending

Method 2: Four niche specific

    Ex. #dog, #doglover, #puglover, #pug

Method 3: One niche specific & two broad

    Ex. #pug, #fyp, #viral

Method 4: Two niche specific & one broad

    Ex. #puglover, #pug, #fyp

Method 5: No hashtags

Final Thoughts

In the above example, Dinho selected the dog niche and provided different sets of variables in the testing stage to see what performs well. The structure of this method is essentially making TikTok’s job easier to find your ideal audience. By spamming hashtags as mentioned earlier, will simply just disrupt their process. 

To follow Hai Dinho on his next social media tips, check him out on his instagram or tiktok.