Here are some Gadgets to make your commute better


Commuting an hour or more is pretty standard in the city – whether it be for work or socialising. Here are some ‘commute hack’ gadgets from Indiegogo Marketplace. Marketplace is like a normal e-tailer– with shipping of a few weeks on average – but it allows people access to innovative technology and gadgets, all with guaranteed delivery. Sections include arts, music, fitness, home, fashion, F&B, tech, etc.

Bolt – Are the trains too much of a hassle? Bolt is a small and light electric skateboard which can be useful to cover short distances. At just 4 kgs and 20” long, it can be easily carried and stored almost anywhere.

inCharge –  A small USB keyring cable so you’ll never run out of battery again.

The Modern Day Briefcase – Comes in two sizes. The interior of the bag has a secure laptop sleeve to keep your computer from bouncing around when you are on the move. The bag also has 8 internal pockets to store anything you need when you are on the move.

The Temperfect mug – If you want to be able to drink your coffee or tea without worrying about burning yourself and without waiting, this is the mug for you. Fill up your Temperfect mug and within minutes your favourite brewed beverage is ready to drink.