Here is why you should switch to Organic Skincare…


Using organic skincare products has proven to be extremely beneficial because of the ingredients it is made up of.

Body Organics a  skincare brand for women of African and African American descent are driving this narrative through their beauty products made from naturally-derived ingredients some of which include fruits, and vegetables, as well as other natural items on the earth. They also comprise of natural carrier agents, surfactants, preservatives, and emulsifiers. At Body Organics, the word organic can be described as any material cultivated without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and/or other artificial chemicals.

With benefits like those of eating organic foods, organic skincare products helps to give our skin the right nutrients it needs, keeping it nourished in the right proportion. In short, natural skincare products are great for your skin and overall health. Using natural skincare products can make you to be certain that there wouldn’t be any negative impact on your skin. Let us highlight some of the benefits of organic skincare products.

Why Organic Skincare Products?

Organic Skincare is One of The Best Options for People Who Have Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can react to various triggers that are found in conventional skincare products. Synthetic dyes, parabens, fragrances, and synthetic preservatives which extends the shelf life of regular skincare products can result in skin irritation, as well as rashes, stinging, redness, and burning of the skin. While organic skincare products on the other hand, contain only mild ingredients that do not cause irritation in sensitive skin. Since most of the plant extracts used for natural skincare products lose their healing value within one or two years, here at Body Organics adding any kind of preservative isn’t necessary.

Using Organic Skincare Care Products Preserves your Health

The regular skincare products in the market are full of many artificial and chemical ingredients with unknown long-term negative effects to our bodies. While there isn’t a connection between illness and these chemical/artificial ingredients (found in products we use on our skins daily), using organic skincare products is one way to make sure that you will not get these questionable materials into your skin. Certified organic skincare beauty products such as those from are also full of beneficial skin moisturizers and antioxidants, all of which come from natural sources. There is nothing like natural beauty.

Organic Skincare Products Work Better

If you do not think that having better health is worth paying organic skincare prices for, then this last argument may convince you. Organic skincare products work better than artificial skincare products.

How? Many of the chemical ingredients that are used for artificial skincare products usually do more harm than they do good. Yes your skin will surely look brighter within/for a few weeks, but as time goes by the synthetic ingredients can cause sun sensibility, skin irritation, and even skin cancer. So why would you think of hurting your body in the name of beauty?

Natural skincare products from Body Organics are made with organic ingredients (that are grown and produced sustainably) and with the most advanced agricultural practices. Their products at Body Organics are never tested on animals, which means they are cruelty free. At first it may look like it isn’t working as fast you want it to, but it is definitely changing your skin. Using natural skincare products greatly benefits your overall health.