Hospitalisation of Princess of Wales ‘a real shock’ says Jennie Bond


THE hospitalisation of the Princess of Wales is “a real shock” and may have been prompted by the recent development of a health issue, according to Royal commentator Jennie Bond.

She told GB News: “It was a real shock. Over the years I’ve done this job, we’ve followed the health of many members of the Royal Family, to find that the Princess of Wales was in hospital, it really did make my jaw drop and the fact that she’s going to be in for a fortnight.

“We’re told it was a planned procedure, that it was an abdominal problem, that it is not cancer, but nevertheless to be in hospital for two weeks and then to go on to recuperation for up to two or three months to have a very full diary cancelled means obviously that, yes, it may well and has been planned but obviously not planned for a very long time.”

In a discussion with Martin Daubney, she continued: “She hasn’t actually been seen in public since Christmas Day.

“So perhaps she has been undergoing we must assume she’s been undergoing some kind of problems but she wants her condition to be private and that of course is absolutely her right.

“We could speculate all those things it might be. Women of middle age do get various problems, but I’ve no idea what it is. She doesn’t want us to know at this stage.

“I do know that she will want to be back home with her family and her children as soon as possible and so that makes it all the more surprising that she may not be back home for a fortnight.”

She added: “William is going to divide his time between looking after the children and being at his wife’s bedside and therefore he won’t be carrying out Public Engagements either.”