How AI Development is Being Driven Forward in Lockdown


Lockdown has halted the development of many industries, but others are moving forward rapidly. One that is still being driven on to new discoveries is the AI sector. Let’s have a look at the potential this sector and what the change it could bring to our lives as a whole.

New Developments in Lockdown

Lockdown has obviously been a stressful and uncertain time for many. As we move forward and attempt to move towards some semblance of normality, it has become incredibly necessary for us to find solutions that can help to protect our health and livelihoods. AI developers have stepped up here, and they have introduced an interesting program that could help with policing the issue of social distancing.

One team from Landing AI has created a social distancing tool. It uses AI algorithms to measure the distance between people as they move around a certain area. By doing so, people are going to be able to measure just how close the public actually is. In areas with rising COVID cases again, this could prove to be massively beneficial.

Always Growing

The AI sector is one of the strongest in the UK, and it has many researchers and developers already working to push it to the next level. It is predicted that the AI economy could be worth $150 trillion in less than five years.

It is important that we pursue many of the options that are emerging in this industry as soon as we can. There is a lot of work still to be done in this sector to take it to the next level. We have only just begun exploring the possibilities that artificial intelligence could offer us. Though AI has already made its way into our homes in many capacities, it has the potential to completely transform our lives as we currently know them.

Fresh Minds

As the world moves forward, there is always the potential for someone new to arrive who could change the sector and make exciting new discoveries. Whenever new graduates are allowed to enter a marketplace, they often bring fresh innovations with them.

We could see a massive surge forward in interest and development in this sector due to their new ideas. Since we are very much at the beginning of AI development and usage, it means that there is plenty of scope for new research. Due to the lockdown, the world of research has stalled somewhat. However, things continually move forward, and there are always new people ready to step out onto the market.

The AI sector might seem like one that has ground to a halt in the pandemic, but there is plenty still happening to prove things are still being driven forward. This is going to prove to be one of the most important sectors we could ever develop. Everyone needs to keep a close eye on what is happening here, whether we are in the midst of a pandemic or not.