How Your Business Can Benefit from Internal Link Building


If you are a professional marketer, then you’ve probably applied almost every link building tactic you can think of. Most people don’t know the value of linking internally because they’re always busy looking for backlinks.

Backlinks are awesome. However, you should also consider internal links as they can offer your business plenty of benefits. This article will discuss the best benefits to expect from including internal link building in your business strategy. Keep reading to find out.

Before you see the benefits, let’s first define internal link building.

Unlike backlinks that point to pages on different sites, internal links connect one article to the other on your company’s website. For instance, if you’re writing a blog and you link to another article on your website to help provide more information on a certain point, that’s internal link building.

The Importance of Internal Link Building

Below are some of the primary benefits of internal links that every business should take advantage of:

  1. They Help to Pass Authority

An internal link building strategy allows you to improve your search rankings.

Page authority is determined by an algorithm called PageRank (PR). This algorithm assesses the quality of every page on your website, so if one page has some authority sites linking back to it, it’ll have a high PageRank score. You can pass this authority by interlinking your pages.

Doing this can help you rank higher on search results as it ensures every page is quite authoritative, hence strengthening your SEO.

  1. Enables Google To Understand Your Site’s Structure

An excellent internal linking structure can help search engines to find and index the pages on your site more effectively. If Google had previously crawled certain pages on your website, linking to such allows it to get more content on your website and rank it, ensuring better SEO results.

Additionally, internal link building sends signals to search engines that your page a and b are related. This is usually an excellent way to show Google and your audience you’re an expert in what you do, which can make your business site to be considered authoritative, especially if you have lots of quality content to interlink.

  1. Allows Visitors to Navigate Through Content Easily

If you want to improve user experience on your business website, then consider using internal link building. This technique links one informative content to another interesting piece, allowing readers to find useful and related information without having to search elsewhere.

You can link to different things on your website, depending on your niche. For instance, if you are writing a buying guide, why not link to that particular product you were just discussing or another article expanding more on the benefits of using that product?

Internal link building is a vital tactic every business that’s serious about exponential growth should apply today. It provides several benefits to your company if implemented correctly. Therefore, start reviewing your articles and blogs today to see which are related and link them to each other. You can also hire an expert offering professional Link Building Services to help avoid any mistakes and maximize the benefits.