Introducing acclaimed British born artist Nicolas Botez


Nicolas Botez is a British born artist, which has been selling his artworks in Switzerland, Spain , USA. but now he has settled in Bahrain, “just for the weather” its just warmer here and I do not need to buy any socks. Painting now for over 38 years.

The paintings are Acrylic on Canvas, but are not totally FLAT. You see most paintings today are flat, Here they are not totally flat in fact they are a 3 dimensional painting. With undulations, as well as highways crisscrossing the paintings, even rather curvaceous in places.

His philosophy is not to copy others, find your own route, Be different.

Paintings are from small to large size and even round or elliptical. Try to shock the viewer. One such painting called the Blue Camelion, actually can change its appearance, buy passing your hand over the art work. Its not connected to any electricity. Simple really. One day you do not like what it looks like, simple, pass your hand over the art work twice and you now have a new art work of your design. Each time the Blue Camelion has visited an art gallery it seems people cannot keep there hands off of it.

All art works are copyrighted and get their own certificate of authenticity. All paintings are 1 of 1 and can never be copied.

Only Abstract 3d here, or something weird.

There you will be able to buy the painting as well as viewing a video on each the paintings.

Many of the paintings have been donated to good causes. Such as the PinkBahrain breast Cancer Charity.

Also we have invested in an art platform to try to help people in Africa and other places, sell their art works, for free on our site. If we can give an immigrant a voice or give him a way to make money in his own place of origin, isn’t this better than him leaving to search for a job elsewhere? The site is free and its still work in process but here is the website free for 1 year.