Introducing Lisa Bent’s Debut Romance Novel “Symona’s Still Single” – The voice of ‘Thirty-Something’ Single Black Women


South London author, Lisa Bent reveals the trials and tribulations of dating in your mid-thirties from the Black perspective in London. Symona’s Still Single, her debut romance novel is published by award winning publishers Jacaranda Books and will be released on 8th October 2020.

Beginning as a memoir compiled from blogs and Facebook posts, Lisa created this novel to question what it means to exist and be a Black woman looking for love in the UK. Symona’s understanding of her identity, fears and beliefs run throughout the book alongside her failed relationships, past trauma and powerful sisterhood. Examining the psychological impact and inner self work required to heal and thrive, this is not your average romance novel. At a time when representations of Black love and Black romance are at the forefront of collective imaginations, Lisa’s debut novel is an exciting addition to the literary landscape.

“Blindspots and repeating patterns exist in all our stories. Symona’s journey of reflection shows the power of self-exploration and agency. In turn, gently nudging you to look at yours.” – Lisa Bent, Author

“Lisa Bent is a truly original talent who, in writing Symona’s Still Single, has given us a keen insight into a world rarely imagined in fiction, that of the modern British Black woman.” – Valerie Brandes, founder Jacaranda books

Symona’s Still Single is a bold and insightful narrative that will give Black women hope and the courage to self-explore in a dating world that begins with self-love.

Lisa Bent is part of #Twentyin2020 a cohort of 20 Black British writers to be published in the same year, a first in the UK. She is also part of The Black Writers Guild.