Islamic Relief UK and Newham Community Project team up to help some of the most vulnerable in London


Charity and project are deeply concerned by the rising levels of poverty as it plans to distribute food and essential items as part of the Islamic holiday of Eid-al-Adha (1), when Muslims give Qurbani (2) meat to those in need.

Islamic Relief UK is supporting Newham Community Project on Saturday 16 July to help over 1000 people with food and essential items, as families in London continue to struggle financially due to the increasing rising cost of living.

This is part of a wider initiative led by Islamic Relief UK involving 19 partners across the country to deliver food packs, Qurbani meat and Eid gifts to coincide with the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha.

Newham Community Project are reporting that the number of people coming to their food bank has doubled in the last two months. The project has also seen an increase in domestic violence cases, which many families are telling them have been exacerbated by the stress of the cost-of-living crisis.

The Community Project is amongst a small minority who provide help and support to destitute families and individuals with no recourse to public funds, including international students and their families who must also pay very high education fees. They have seen a stark increase in the numbers of families accessing food banks – with food bank usage doubling in just the last two months.

With no resources to public funds or assistance, families often live in overcrowded, confined accommodations, adding pressure to existing circumstances.

Many people have been hit hard by the cost of living crisis, especially low-income families, those suffering from domestic abuse, people who are homeless, asylum seekers and refugees.

The food packs will contain items such as rice, pasta, flour, oil, sugar, salt, canned tuna, tomatoes, vegetables, rice pudding, canned soup, cereals and biscuits.

Elyas Ismail, Chief Operating Officer, Newham Community Project said: “The cost of living rise in the UK has had a devastating impact on families with young children. Following the last lockdown we saw our foodbank queues decrease, and assumed the economy was slowly but surely recovering.

“Now with the rise in energy bills having a devastating impact on the global cost of living, recovering families of the pandemic are forced to turn back to charities for support, and seek foodbank assistance to feed their families.”

Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief UK said: “It’s truly shocking to learn that Newham Community Project has seen the number of people coming to their food bank double in just the last two months and triple since the start of this year.

“Families in the UK are struggling to put food on the table as a result of the cost of living crisis and things are getting worse.

“Islamic Relief UK will partner with Newham Community project to bring food and Eid gifts for children to families who have been struggling during this crisis.”