Islamic Relief UK and Newham Community Project team up with Stephen Timms MP to help some of the most vulnerable families in London


As families with no recourse to public funds in London continue to struggle financially due to the unprecedented pandemic, Islamic Relief UK is supporting Newham Community Project, helping over 500 families with winter food packs on Tuesday 11 January.

These families in the UK are amongst those that have been hit the hardest, suffering the consequences of the pandemic. Along with providing for their dependents, they have had to make difficult decisions – do they prioritise eating or heating or look after their health, paying NHS fees, as they struggle to pay their bills.

Newham Community Project is amongst a small minority who provide help and support to destitute families and individuals with no recourse to public funds, including international students and their families who must also pay very high education fees. They have seen a stark increase in the numbers of families accessing food banks – with a colossal increase over the last eight weeks.

With no resources to public funds or assistance, families often live in overcrowded, confined accommodations, adding pressure to existing circumstances.

Newham Community Project is also reporting that the Covid-19 pandemic has meant those with no recourse to public funds were the first to lose their jobs and as the economy re-opened are now left struggling to find jobs.

To help, vulnerable, and destitute families, food packs will be distributed by Islamic Relief UK and Newham Community Project on Tuesday 11 January 2022. Newham MP, Stephen Timms will also be at the distribution.

The food packs will contain (but are not limited to), essential groceries; fruit and vegetable bags, bread, eggs, milk, sugar, rice, cooking oil, hygiene products along with baby necessities; nappies, baby toiletries, formula milk, baby food and a selection of sweet and savoury biscuits.

Stephen Timms MP said:
“I have repeatedly pressed the government to lift the ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ restriction – which prevents many families who live and work legally in the UK from claiming Universal Credit if they have to stop work – for the duration of the pandemic. I applaud Newham Community Project. But it can’t be right for the government to wash its hands of the fate of so many young people.”

Elyas Ismail, Chief Operating Officer, Newham Community Project said:
“Hunger and poverty remain very much at large, and we provide food and necessities to help support those with no recourse to public funds, facing vulnerability and destitution. Organisations like Islamic Relief UK make this possible!”

Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief UK said:
“The Newham Community Project is doing incredible work to help people who have been financially hit by the pandemic.

“This winter, we hope that we can help ease some of the challenges families are facing and Islamic Relief UK is proud to be partnering with Newham Community Project and Stephen Timms MP to support vulnerable families with much-needed food packs.”