J. Dillards Amazing New Book J.D. and the Great Barber Battle


Barberpreneur, Author J Dillard releases the first of his trilogy “J.D. and the Great Barber Battle”. A book that should land in every household.

J.D. tries to navigate through a bad hair cut from his mother before the first day of school and decides to take things into his own hands. Which leads to J.D. finding himself in a barber battle of the ages. The book focuses on the positive aspects of Black hair culture, friendship, and family. With memorable characters, charming illustrations, and laugh-out-loud funny scenes, this one will appeal to many children around the world.

Chapter 3 may have been our favorite, “I stood quietly next to Jordan, and it wasn’t long before he had something to say. “You never wore a hat to school before, J.D.,” he said as he knocked my hat to the ground, sending up a puff of red Mississippi dirt when it landed. “Whoa!” he said as soon as he saw my head. “What happened to your hair? Your hairline looks like LeBron James’s.” The book had many laugh- out-loud moments, this is one of many.

The story is about a child with a passion for something and worked to make his dreams a reality. The author is a “barberpreneur” who brings a vast array of details. The book maybe one of the best children books we have read in many years and keeps all engaged.

Keep an eye on a new book in the series is coming out later this year. Various avenues to purchase a copy (click here).