The Best Mothers Day Gift under £30


With Mothers Day in less than a week, you’re running out of time to find her the perfect gift she deserves. With the high street closed, we’ve searched the internet for hours to find the perfect gift to show your mother how much you care and we’ve found it!

We’ve scrapped the usual suspects from jewellery to beauty products and more and found something that the special woman in your life will just love to receive. It’s truly unique, looks great, smells great and tastes even better!

Exotic Fruits have put together the perfect Mothers Day Exotic Fruit Selection Box full of over 26 different fruits from all over the world including 3 types of Dragon Fruit, 3 types of passion fruit, 2 varieties of mango, a selection of peaches and plums plus much more.

This tasty gift is only £39.95 and first time customers are also eligible for 30% off their first order! Bringing the total down to only £27.97. To receive the discount use the voucher code WELCOME30

We’ve ordered exotic fruit selection boxes from Exotic Fruits in the past and weren’t disappointed! The selection was undoubtedly the best we’ve seen with a perfect array of colours and aromas of perfectly ripe fruit.

They’re rated 5 stars on Google and we can see why, their motto is Juicy, Sweet & Ready to Eat and they definitely don’t disappoint. After a tough year, what better way is there to replenish your body of nutrients and vitamins.

There has been a lot of talk over the last year about the many positives vitamin D has on the body so it’s great to see Pomegranate, Peach and Passion Fruit all included in the Mother’s Day Selection Box.

We’ve listed all of the Exotic Fruits included in this hamper – White Dragon, Longan, kumquat, Baby Pineapple, Coconut, Star Fruit, Custard Apple, Guava, Sharon Fruit, Red Plum, Yellow Plum, Chikoo, Plantain, Rambutan, Passion Fruit, Yellow Passion, Fruit, Pomegranate, Yellow Pitahaya, Mangosteen, Jujube, Honey Mango, Granadilla & Red Dragon.

The great thing about this gift is it can also be given to anyone to show them how much you care – it could be a grandmother, sister, aunt, best friend or maybe it’s time you treated yourself, you deserve it after all…

If you have any questions they are one of the few businesses that have a telephone number with a real person to speak to on the other end, so if you have any queries why not give them a call on – 020 3633 8893 or visit their website –