Know your online betting lingo


Rhyming slang in the capital is a language almost to itself, originating in the East End of London in the early 19th century, to those not ‘au fait’ with its charm will be left with a blank stare on their faces.

The same can be said of gambling lingo and no doubt a lack of understanding has caused more than one player to make a misplaced bet or two.

Fortunately, this is something you won’t have to worry about as we have compiled three need-to-know phrases to get you up to speed with online betting chat.

Asian Handicap

Most people straight away understand the concept of a handicap bet, but Asian handicap for the casual punter or new bettor can confuse things a little further.

To put things simply, Asian Handicap’s is a form of betting in football that is designed to take away the draw leaving the punter requiring to make the decision between a win or loss.

The handicap element comes in by the customer choosing to give one side a virtual head start in the way of half goal or whole goal or other decimal format. This is where checking out a Asian handicap table will give you a major head start in understanding matters further.

Asian handicap gets its name as it is a popular betting format in Asia and is an additional market a majority of sportsbooks in Europe will offer out to its customers.

Bad Beat

As the name suggests, this is a phrase you don’t ever want to be on the receiving end of. A ‘Bad Beat’ refers to a lose despite the odds of victory being heavily in your favour.

For example, if you had bet on the winner of a Formula race and that driver starts the last lap in the lead only to retire from the race right at the end.

Bad Beat is also commonly heard in Poker and refers to win a player has the best hand on the table right up until the point the river card is dealt (last card shown in Texas Hold’em) which proves to be a last gasp winner for another player.

Simply put, do whatever you can to avoid a bad beat!

Ante Post

If you have ever watched the Grand National then no doubt you will have heard this term banded around by every so-called expert (after all, everyone suddenly turns into a horse racing expert around Grand National week, don’t they?).

If you have ever wondered what it actually means, then we will stick with the horse racing theme to explain.

Ante Post would relate to the price of a horse for a race that is still some way in advance. Ante Post bets often appeal to punters because they are usually the best way of getting the best price.

However, that comes at a risk because if that horse ends up being a non-runner, then you automatically lose the bet although some sportsbooks may offer an element of insurance into your Ante Post bet.