The rise of the bullet proof gambling sector even in lockdown


Since the dawn of the internet, online gambling has seen growth year on year and despite two national lockdowns in 2020, the online gambling sector is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, it was reported that during the first lockdown in Spring, online slot games saw a participation increase of a whopping 25%. However, with little else to do, that is understandable.

Even in the most testing of circumstances, gambling seems to always come out the other side reporting handsome profits.

For example, back in 2013 after the UK had just returned to some sort normality after the recession, there was an incredible 82 betting shops in one London Borough alone.

Newham Council ended up going to court to try and reduce the amount of betting shops as 82 equated to six-per-square-mile.

Admittedly, land-based sites have been hit the hardest this year but that has handed an even bigger motivation to bookies to move their gambling businesses online and it is working.

The ability to give the customer incentives such as a no deposit betting bonus or free spins is proving fruitful for the consumer and always worth taking advantage of.

The entertainment factor

We know online casinos have progressed significantly since the limited offerings of the 1990’s and that is reflected in the average playing time of customers.

Information collected from the gambling Commission earlier in the year showed that the number of sessions on online gambling sites over one hour long had increased by another healthy 23%.

That can no doubt be explained by the introduction over the last few years of live casino, a way of playing live casino games with a real-life host all without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

The development of slot games has also helped increase playing time with some games almost becoming role-playing-games they have that much detailed involved and in the sports betting side of things the addition of in-play betting, in-game cash outs and in some instances the option to watch live sport all inside an operators app or website has significantly increased the entertainment factor of online gambling.

The future

Gambling has a history that can be traced back to the Paleolithic period (around 3000 B.C) but the advent of the internet has only strengthened the inevitable pull and accelerated growth to remarkable levels.

Now it is all about how far technology can be pushed to ensure safe, secure, responsible gambling online from an operational and enjoyment sense.

With live casino seemingly mastered, the next phase is currently in existence with Virtual Reality allowing a fully immersive casino experience all accessible from your own living room.

This still has some way to go before it becomes mainstream but the sheer volume of games to play has placed the online gambling sector at the forefront for entertainment in an industry that continues to ride the global landscape with constant success no matter what the world chucks at it.