Like Writing? Earn Money From Your Talent By Working Online


In today’s competitive job market, writing is considered a foundational skill. With a high degree of transferability, almost every job on the market requires some level of writing capability. That being said, not every job offers ample opportunity to showcase a love for words. Effective communication is crucial to many positions, however, if you’d like a job that concentrates solely on writing, you may find yourself at a loss. If this sounds like you- don’t worry! An online position can be found quickly and provide schedule flexibility along with a host of other benefits. Looking to earn money from your writing talent? Read on for a list of writer-friendly jobs that pay well and can be done from the comfort of your own home. 

Grant Writing

If you have ever attended a festival, toured a university, been admitted to a hospital, or been involved with a non-profit, you may have interacted with grants more than you think. All of these entities have likely been recipients of corporate or government grants. Essential to raising funds to pay for large-scale expenses and a common way to subsidize community projects, grant money is only administered after a decidedly rigorous application process. Thus, the need for grant writers. In this specialized type of writing, grant writers create the application that determines whether or not the applicant receives grant funding. The ability to turn a phrase is a necessity for this position and makes it a well-paid and in-demand role.

Product Reviewing

When deciding whether or not to buy a product, specifically a costly one, many people choose to do online research before making a final decision. Oftentimes, one of the key influencing factors behind product purchases can be reading a comprehensive product review. If you have a knack for making something sound amazing, you might be surprised to find you can make an income from writing these informative or positive blurbs. By reviewing different company’s products you are afforded the perfect outlet for sharp, engaging writing while also making a tidy sum. Like most of the positions on this list, pay will vary based on writing volume, but this can be a great way to earn some extra cash.


If you like to write about specific interests, then starting a blog might be right up your alley. Though there is an initial learning curve, with a little hard work and research, creating a lucrative blog is an attainable goal. Earnings in the blogging industry rely primarily on external sources such as affiliates and display ad revenue. While you can read more here about monetization, one of the most important parts of running a blog is creating quality content. If you focus your efforts on a well-selected niche and produce compelling blog posts, you’ll be far along the path to growing a strong online presence. Blogging is a perfect outlet for someone who likes to create their own hours, choose their own topics, and earn income both actively and passively. 

Content Writing

With both entrepreneurs and large companies increasing their online presence, the need for high volumes of expertly crafted content is only getting more intense. Content marketing has taken the world by storm and has resulted in a workforce driven by writers who can deftly create content for specific audiences and purposes. Used to drum up online customers as well as boost brand credibility, content writing is an extremely versatile job and is required in a variety of industries. If you can nail a specific tone and produce high quantities of work, the earning potential is vast. Working online makes this ideal for someone who wants the option to work from anywhere.

Though considered a fundamental skill, great writers are hard to find. If you are searching for a way to leverage your written talents while remaining flexible, working online could be the perfect route for you. Writing opportunities are in high demand, and digital work spans many different topics and specialties. In addition to this, the number of hours you work and the amount of money you make is totally up to you. Any of the above positions could work as a well-paying full-time job or an additional income on the side depending on what you are looking for. Most importantly, you’ll get to spend your time honing your skill and passion for writing. Though working from home isn’t for everyone, it could very well be the thing you’ve been looking for to satisfy your scheduling and financial requirements.