Living a Healthy Lifestyle is Proven to Make You Live Longer – Here’s How to do it


If you watch the news, read the paper, or even own a phone, chances are you’ve probably seen the wealth of information and research that links a healthy lifestyle to a longer, and happier life – and yet, so many of us don’t adhere to that. For example, did you know that the vast majority of us ingest a lot more sodium that we should? The statistic is as many as 90% of Americans take in more sodium than health experts recommend for a healthy diet. Likewise, in the UK, it was shown that a whopping 64% of adults were considered to be overweight or obese in 2017. However, it’s not all to do with diet. Studies have also shown an enormous decline in mental health throughout the UK in recent years, and a rise in young people drinking alcohol. With facts and statistics like that, we should all be making the effort to live a healthier lifestyle in order to give us a better life quality, and here’s how you can do just that.

Do What’s Best for You

First off, remember to do what’s best for you. although undoubtedly, you’ll have other important people in your life to consider, try to initially focus on what’s best for you, and your mental and physical wellbeing.

For example, if you needed something physical like a large influx of cash, you would explore the options available to you, such as sell house for cash companies, and choose what suits your situation best. Now that’s just an example, but why should you treat yourself and your own wellbeing as any less important than something physical you need to achieve? When you start thinking about your own wellbeing like that, you’ll start to see improvements in your life.

Eat Less Processed Foods

If you’re a regular news consumer, you’ll have already heard about all of the negative effects that processed foods can have on the body.

Not only are they linked to certain cancers and heart defects, but they’re also far more likely to cause obesity and dietary issues in people. If you really want a healthy diet – the best thing to do is focus on balance. Plenty of fruit, vegetables, grains and proteins are integral to a healthy diet – but don’t say no to a treat or two every now and then! Balance is key.

When Possible, Walk

Now, we’re all guilty of being a little lazy from time to time, and opting to either get the bus or drive somewhere that’s not all too far from us. But if you want a healthier lifestyle, opting to walk is a great first step in the right direction.

A brisk walk in the fresh air is good for the body, and good for the mind. It helps to raise your heart rate and get those endorphins kicking in which ultimately leads to feeling fitter, and it also helps to clear your head. Taking the time to go outside every day and reconnect with nature is such an important thing to do in our now technologically driven world – so give it a try. You’ll reap the benefits in no time.

Don’t Drink as Much Alcohol

Sure, we all like a good knees up every now and then – but drinking too much can badly affect your liver in the long run, as long as your energy levels on a day to day basis.

Now, no one is saying don’t drink at all. If you enjoy a glass or two of wine on a weekend, or like to party from time to time, there’s really no issue with that at all. The issues arise when people begin to binge drink too regularly – and unfortunately this is happening more and more and slowly becoming a societal norm. A good place to start is researching the number of units that are healthy for you on the average week, and try to stick at that number or thereabouts.

End Toxic Relationships

Last, but certainly not to be considered least, rid your life of any toxic relationships that it currently inhibits.

These aren’t only romantic relationships – it doesn’t matter who it is. It could be a friend, or a family member, but if they bring nothing but negativity into your life and make you feel bad about yourself, now could be the time to consider moving away from them. Going back to the first point, remember to look after number one – yourself. You’ll be happier, and healthier for it.