Living Streets calls for more investment in walking to tackle climate emergency


The Committee on Climate Change has today (9 December 2020) unveiled its advice to government on the Sixth Carbon budget (2033-37) with ambitious plans to cut emissions by 80% by 2035.

Mary Creagh, Chief Executive of Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, says targets to reduce car mileage by 9% by 2035 will not be met with a shift to electric vehicles but by scaling  up investment in walking, cycling and public transport.

Mary Creagh comments:   

“The budget sets a target to reduce car journeys by one third by 2035 but this can only be achieved by investing in safer streets for pedestrians.

“The school run generates half a million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, the same as the whole of Greenland. Providing more child friendly streets, safer crossings and slower car speeds will give people the confidence to walk more.

“The government is investing millions in electric vehicles, but they still cause congestion and air pollution. Walking is the cheapest, greenest, healthiest transport there is, and it brings physical and mental health benefits. It’s the best way to reduce congestion, tackle noise and air pollution and get to Net Zero by 2050 or before.”