Local fitness company plan to change Londoner’s health and prepare them for Hackney Half Marathon  


London’s BLOK believe in cross training across all disciplines, combining all aspects of fitness to deliver the most effective results. On Saturday 5th January BLOK will be launching BLOKrun: taking their customers out of the studio and onto the pavements of East London.

BLOKrun will be led by BLOK Instructors, David Edgar and Hannah Almond. The pair have combined their expertise in running and yoga to develop a technical running program that spans a 20-week training period with the optional end goal of running the Hackney Half Marathon on 19th May 2019.

Split into three running groups based on speed, experience and goal finish time, BLOKrun welcomes all abilities, from the seasoned runner to the complete newbie.

Their training plan consists of paced runs, hill runs, interval training and distance running to equip our runners with speed, power and endurance.

Membership to BLOKrun is a one time fee. This fee includes entry to the Hackney Half, a high vis running harness, 20 running sessions over 5 months and complimentary hot drinks after each run in either of our BLOK cafes.

To register your interest and to receive further information please email run@bloklondon.com