London Brides And Grooms Leaning Toward Budget-Friendly, Environmentally-Friendly, And Fashionable Weddings

Many of the 242,842 weddings in England in the year 2017 were classified as expensive, and the trend continued in succeeding years. Due to the UK’s current economic environment, however, austerity is now de rigueur. But even if the budget isn’t as big as it may have been in the past, having a fashionable wedding is still important to London’s couples. The wedding industry is quite happy with the new trends, which involve romantic, over-the-top, and extremely personal touches, such as budget-friendly veils and environmentally-friendly and ethically-sourced rings, as well as local flowers.
Ethically-Sourced Rings Are A Must
Wedding rings are symbols of love, devotion and commitment, and as such, they need to reflect the personalities and preferences of the couple, and more importantly, their values. Traditions are still applied to this day, and many couples planning to tie the knot in 2021 and beyond want their names or part of their vows inscribed on their rings. Gimmel rings, wedding jewellery that became popular in the 17th century, are also picked by some because they are more intricate and offer value for money.
But there is something relatively new that the modern generation is teaching the wedding industry. For the modern couple, getting rings from ethical jewellers – ones who are not involved in the blood diamond trade and ones who do not transact with mines that use slave or underpaid labour – are a must. The reason behind this is because of the wealth of information now available to the British population, and the fact that the generation that couples belong to are said to be much kinder, nicer, and more connected, according to a Pew Research paper.
Full Veils And Local Flowers
While the budget is tight, brides still want to look beautiful on their wedding day. Full veils embroidered with flowers or even names of loved ones have become quite the trend, as they fit in the sentimentality of the occasion and also happen to add elegance to any dress. The fact that they are also affordable makes them attractive to couples on a budget. Another way that many London brides and grooms are slashing their wedding expenses is to get local flowers instead of purchasing imported ones. It is not only about the money though: local flowers have a lower carbon footprint too – a plus for modern couples who belong to a generation that is undeniably aware of what is happening to the environment.
Modern brides and grooms, along with their convictions about the environment and the economic downturn, are influencing budget-friendly and environmentally-friendly trends. They are also showing a much kinder stance, which inspires their decisions for their wedding day.