SmartCover supports Waterloo Foodbank with face masks donation


Leading face mask brand SmartCover continues to ramp up its initiatives to support local communities, with over 3,000 face masks donated to the Waterloo Foodbank over the holiday period.

The London based Waterloo Foodbank has seen an increase in referrals of 130% following the Coronavirus pandemic and the challenges this has brought for the local community. The SmartCover face mask donation aimed to support the food bank’s activity throughout Christmas and the holiday period, and contribute with essential items to the parcels distributed to those in need.

During 19th-23rd December, Waterloo Foodbank volunteers were able to donate 1,000 parcels to those in need, which included essential items such as food or reusable face masks.

SmartCover is exploring further opportunities to partner up with food banks and other charities across the UK.

Matteo Grassi, CEO of Viceroy Group, SmartCover’s parent company said: “We are pleased to be able to provide support to Waterloo Foodbank, especially over the Christmas period when times are tough for so many people. We applaud their volunteers’ tireless work following a challenging year, and hope to continue working with their network to help communities in need. We’d like to thank Waterloo Foodbank for their hard work and support they give to local communities.”

Waterloo Foodbank said: “We’d like to thank SmartCover for their donation, it was greatly received and appreciated to add key essential items like reusable face masks to our parcels, which were received by 1,000 members of our community over the Christmas period. We hope to work together again in the future.”