London Cab Drivers To Take The Pop Charts By Storm!


London Cab drivers and professional musicians Joe Cartwright and Jon Cox along with London theatre producer Vaughan Williams are about to unleash their anthemic belter of a single ‘We are London’ into the charts this Summer. The band is aptly titled ‘The Knowledge’ as a nod to the taxi trade and the play of the same name which Vaughan produced and where they all first met.

‘We Are London’ is a positive anthem about the great city they live in. With the Brexit fiasco there is a pervasive sense of hopelessness and uncertainty, which ‘The Knowledge’ wanted to counter by reminding Londoners that they are privileged to live in a city that is the envy of the world.

“ Past of glory, City of today “ as the song says !

As the song includes spoken verses, The Knowledge decided to feature a guest actor as the song’s narrator. Jon was at school with Lee MacDonald, who had found fame playing Zammo in TV’s “Grange Hill” and has just starred in EastEnders. They knew his cheeky chappy vocals would work a treat. Lee loved the track and so the team of four headed to the studio to record.

Uplifting and positive, the feelgood ‘We are London’ celebrates the great city of London and with it creates an infectious, upbeat and instantly loveable track that is sure to win the hearts of Londoners and beyond.

“He who is tired of London is tired of life, Sir “
Well, I ain’t THAT tired, know what I mean?
Cos this is MY London …It’s YOUR London …It’s OUR London

The National Treasure that is Maureen Lipman not only directed the play that led to the band’s first meeting, but graciously agreed to make a hilarious appearance in the video to ‘We Are London’. Maureen is a true friend of the cab trade and London, her adopted home. The video, which also includes the voice of BBC London’s Duncan Barkes, captures the true diversity of Londoners as they go about their everyday lives , together with our welcome visitors.

London Cabbies are known as the finest and friendliest in the world, so who better to drive home this brilliantly uplifting and inspiring message ? :


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