London Dog Week Set to Sparkle with Glitz and Glamour


Art and dog lovers will receive their own treat during London Dog Week as two fabulous new events will bring dogs to life in one week of exhibitions.
Starting with a high culture ticketed event, LDW has partnered with the famous museum, The Wallace Collection showcasing the finest in canine art. To celebrate the forthcoming exhibition, Faithful and Fearless, there will be over 900 depictions of dogs and hounds from portraiture, porcelain and even furniture. You can learn about the importance of dogs in art in this ‘hour long’ walk through the furry curated event at The Wallace Collection, held on the 23rd March at 1pm.

St. Pancras will also set the stage for local artists to showcase their representations of dogs and dog life. During LDW, from Tuesday to Friday, you can gaze upon up to 8 new pieces of pawsome paintings and furry illustrations of our four-legged friends displayed within London’s most iconic station. Shoppers and travellers might also be able to commission some of the artists to make an exhibit out of their own dog with a beautifully commissioned painting or drawing. That will get those tails wagging!
Hearing Dogs will be the official charity this year where all ticket sales or profits from commissions will contribute towards placing specially bred and trained dogs into homes for those affected by hearing loss from children to adults.

Hearing Dog’s marketing director, David Robson says, ““The dogs bring a new lease of life to people who are deaf or who have hearing loss, and their families. Loneliness, anxiety and avoidance of any kind of personal and social engagement is unfortunately common in those affected, since the loss of hearing can make it difficult to communicate easily with others.

London Dog Week co-founder, Lois Mallett Walker, adds, “It is important that people understand the message behind London Dog Week and that is the therapeutic power of dogs and the sense of community they can create which all add to improve wellbeing. We want London Dog Week to be the platform to celebrate that”.

Co-founder Aneka Johnson, says, “For 2020 we want to really drive home how dog ownership can alleviate London’s epidemic of loneliness and to just generally encourage people to celebrate positive interaction with dogs and so appreciative for all the lovely dog lover collaborators who are helping us do it! “