London watch designers The Camden Watch Co bring event to London


After the success of their No.253 Memento Mori Special Edition watch, The Camden Watch Company wanted to explore this curious Victorian tradition further, and have teamed up with immersive game designers A Door In A Wall to create a unique event inspired not only by their special edition watch but also by Camden’s intriguing past.

After months of research, brainstorming, and planning, The Camden Watch Company and A Door In A Wall are proud to present Memento Mori: A Camden Mystery…

“Time is precious. Victorian Londoners treasured Memento Mori – keepsakes to remind them to rejoice in living each day well because who knows when one’s time might run out.

In Camden Town, someone’s clock has been prematurely, and permanently, stopped: a killer is on the loose.”

Designed as a team experience, Memento Mori is a Victorian murder mystery set in modern times. During 90 mins, players can expect intrigue and deceit alongside mysterious and colourful characters that would appear to come straight out of a Dickens’ novel. In other words, this is an event not to be missed.

The Camden Watch Company’s very first immersive event will run on afternoons and evenings across Friday 31st August, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September in, of course, Camden Town.

Tickets for Memento Mori: A Camden Mystery are £25 and can be found on: