Wednesday at 9am is the best time to apply for a job, according to Job Today


Wednesday at 9am is the best time to apply for a job, according to Job Today.

New research compiled by the fastest growing mobile hiring company in the world for casual jobs has found that over 17% of employers choose to post new jobs on a Wednesday. The data also highlights that Wednesday is the day almost half (47%) of job seekers were invited for an interview within 24 hours after the job had been posted.

Statistics reveal that job seekers are most active at 1pm¹ and insight from the app shows that millenials are the most active when it comes to job hunting. Those under the age of 25 are especially focused on what they want as a third of searches are done by position. Furthermore, they’re also not afraid to make sacrifices to get their dream job with only 3% selecting having a job close to home as important.

Showing that ‘this girl can’, females under 25 are most active when looking for jobs as women look for roles 20% more often than men. Across the board, one fifth of job hunters looked for waitressing positions, closely followed by a barista position (17%) and retail (15%). Office jobs also proved popular in July with receptionist and admin roles in high demand.

Top jobs posted by employers

  1. Chef (21%)
  2. Waiting staff (20%)
  3. Barista (16%)
  4. Kitchen staff (8%)

Co-Founder of Job Today, Polina Montano, a true business trailblazer who is transforming the recruitment, believes it would definitely help job hunters if they proactivity apply for their new role first thing in the morning and at the beginning of the week.