London’s calling: Possible adventures to try out in one of the most popular capitals in the world


London is an iconic destination. It always has been a pole for fashion, a pole for modernisation and civilisation. From the beginning of the Roman empire and its revolution, up until present day, London has managed to evolve and retain its history for all tourists that seek the wanderlust of the world that there is to offer today. In total, there are 27 million tourists that enter the region of London, each and every year, making it one of the most popular cities within all of Europe for visits. Of course, we know why that is, London is a hotspot for innovation, culture, social circles and everything you can imagine. There is no reason not to visit, is there?

Hey, if travelling is not your thing and you are more of a home bird, that is totally normal and okay! We have you covered in that aspect too. Visit here for casino bonus codes, so that you can immerse yourself in a digital experience that you do not even have to venture outside your door for! Right, let us get right into the article; and all the hotspots you need to migrate towards within London, as soon as possible!

Hyde Park 

This one really is a no-brainer, especially with summer along the way. Hyde park is a location where everything seems to happen. The picnics, the water sports and congregations. Historically it was the core centre for the protests made by the suffragettes too, just in case you didn’t know the historical importance of this location. 

If you want to occupy your time within London, with stimulating conversations and an opportunity to kindle interesting new acquaintances, you should definitely candidly roam the park in the middle of spring, and see what you may discover there. Just mulling on the edge of the water is enough to give you the breather that you may need if city life can get just that tad overwhelming for you! Keep it in mind. 


Camden is a spot for the boujee and hippy folk who are not about the boasting and loud life that the ‘more sophisticated’ side of London can offer. The crowds in Camden show no reform, meaning you will see a bit of every character that you can imagine. We will not forget to mention the diversity of the markets and food available there for you to try out and discover, the food markets especially. A good portion of food is affordable and super delicious to eat in the open pub gardens and benches that are scattered around the courtyard of the food markets, so make sure to make good use of them while you soak up that Vitamin D!

One thing we will say to you is, if you are hoping to buy a couple of things from the markets, muster your inner haggle. It is incredible how much you can be ripped off by the stall owners here, so make sure you get a reasonable price that will not hurt your wallet so much. If you do exactly that, you most definitely will be able to finish your day with the most satisfaction there.


Soho is a spot where you can relax, get a few drinks and embrace the hotspot for the quaint character that it provides. Word of warning, Soho has been known to get even more vibrant and scream boldness at night, with laminating lights and the awakening of bars and nightclubs. If you prefer the subtleness of social meet and greets, you may favour making your way here during the day, where you can take advantage of people-watching, all while you munch away on your pastry and sip your delightful cup of coffee.

P.S. Leicester Square is literally just down the corner, so if you want to migrate towards there for the nightlife, you can do it with no problems at all. Make sure to look out for the jazz bars that are dotted around Soho though, they may just change your mind on the whole night-life perspective that you once had before. Ronnie Scott’s is a very popular destination for jazz, amongst the locals. Live and bouncing music, with energy that could feed you for the whole night. Are you in, or are you in?

Brick Lane

Brick Lane may seem familiar to you, and you are just quite not sure where to put and place the name, right? Well, it actually is a movie based on the Bengali community that flourishes here within the heart of London. Of course, movies will not always hit the nail on the head when it comes to representing hearty culture that has such an abundance of history to speak for itself, but that is another story for another day. Brick Lane is the perfect spot if you want to venture outside of London’s usual locations and actually feed your soul with something warming and diverse.

There is no doubt that on every corner of the street you will find a curry house that is desperately trying to lure you in with the spices and flavours that taint the spring breeze, and we are super sure you will not be disappointed. Especially when dessert is going to be right across the street! If you have never tried any South Asian desserts before, today is going to be a good day for you. There are so many traditional sweets, with so many vibrant colours and textures. When anyone visits it is very usual to walk away with an entire box full of goodies, because who really cares about a diet when food tastes so good? If there is one thing we can say here, just relish this moment and embrace the world that Brick Lane offers you. This is why London is just so intriguing a place to visit, as every space is a moment to explore and learn something new!

Platform 9 3/4

Any Harry Potter fans out here? If you are one, you will of course, know that platform 9 ¾ is located within Kings Cross and is one of the most known train stations within the entire world! Harry Potter uses this platform as a portal to the train platform for Hogwarts, which makes it far more special to go to Kings Cross and see that actual platform for yourself right? Sure, there will be no way into Hogwarts from here we are afraid, yet nevertheless it will still help you create some super magical memories and relate to the wizarding world so much better, wouldn’t you agree?

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is the hub for education and knowledge seekers. It has been a location that has been standing within London for centuries, and while it showcases historical moments and fragments of history itself, the building is beautiful to wander through. Just by looking up to the ceilings, you will see the Diplodocus fossil floating up above you, in addition to replicas of extinct mammals like the Dodo bird. It really is a treat to the eyes and an opportunity to go out of the museum with so much acquired knowledge that you never had before. We call that a day well spent.


While Harrods is by no means a location where you can have a hearty shopping spree, without the wallet to suffice you, there is no doubt that it is still worth having a pop in to see for yourself what there is to offer. Harrods spend obscene amounts of money each year to change up the interiors of their department store, in addition to providing customers with luxury experiences around the season. The Christmas season is always so merry within the store, as customers will receive goodies upon purchase; let us not forget the food section within Harrods too. Everything from rich chocolates to traditional cuisine to indulge upon is present there. There are also great food spots that are integrated within Harrods too, such as afternoon tea with Laduree, which you will need to make sure you have reserved a spot there too of course!

 Cruise ride on the Thames

This is probably the most tourist-like thing you can do in London, but it can be very tranquil and rewarding nonetheless. The Thames holds so much history, especially within Medieval and Industrial Britain. It was vital for trade and transportation across London. Now, not so much, it is used for boat parties, historical and cultural tours of the city (with particular regard to the house of parliament), and of course tourism.

Each boat tour will often last about 30 minutes, and of course prices will alter depending on the services you are looking for. For example, you can dine while you float, or you can indulge in alcoholic spritzers to fight off the summer humidity. London is a destination for opportunity, and it is really how you make it your own that will define your overall experience.