London’s Lexington plays host to BBC Music Introducing featuring Jimothy Lacoste, Master Peace and Rose Gray


For one special night this February, London’s Lexington plays host to BBC Music Introducing, welcoming three new artists breaking through in their field. The night will see three top talents perform, with JIMOTHY, MASTER PEACE and ROSE GRAY set to play


‘Hates being lazy, hates being dumb, hangs with posh white kids and loves his darling mum.’ This introspective line from a year-old freestyle is a quick summary of Timmy Gonzalez aka Jimothy Lacoste’s personality and left-of-centre outlook on his North London life.

His music has tinges of Mike Skinner and draws accidental parallels to fellow north London dance-grime-electro collective Man Like Me, but his musical lineage seems more informed by an internal struggle with adolescent boredom and filling a void for the shy and insecure. In a world of constant bombardment of ‘new, hot’ 18-year-olds, Jimothy’s approach is more mature and considered, shying away from ‘living for the likes’.

His lyrics and music have a more Tony Robbins feel while being framed in the backdrop of grime 2.0 and the new industry of UK road rap. Jimothy has had co-signs from the likes of Hypebeast (10 UK Rappers to Watch), Dazed (Top 20 Tracks of 2017) and Giggs. Life is getting quite exciting.


Master Peace is a 19-year-old South Londoner who has managed to captivate the ears of this generation with his own hybrid indie street sound. His combination of infectious hooks and a live show that will blow your mind has quickly solidified himself on the cool kid circuit of London as the new head turner.

A fan of artists such as Phill Collins, Tracey Chapman & The 1975 developed the nucleus of his own sound into one thing – Good Music. With “PDA” and “Buck Me” being crowd favourites he has the correct balance of good energy and great songs leaving you believing that the future of millennial music is in very safe hands.


The alternative pop artist Rose Gray feels everything. She lives inside of her ideas until they become something bigger; a sonic vision in widescreen. Whether it’s about the bleary-eyed euphoria of a night out winding down (“high again”) or trying to read the mood of someone she loves (“blue”) each song she writes is crafted on a metaphorical cliff-edge, as if she’s staring towards an ‘all or nothing’ kind of fate.

Born in Walthamstow in 1995, the soul-stirring singer-songwriter absconded and has began forging her own path working with some of the industry’s finest. It’s lead to a rousing debut EP and a string of singles that unpack what it means to be in your 20s and making sense of a world that throws never ending curveballs and questions your way. Still based in East London, her deft understanding of cinematic songwriting has conjured up comparisons to both Lykke Li and Lily Allen. 2020 is an exciting year for Rose.