Loveit Coverit, celebrate ten years of the iPhone


Following Apple’s reveal of the new iPhone X and iPhone 8, mobile phone insurance company, loveit coverit, celebrate ten years of the iPhone with a new infographic detailing how the revolutionary device, which accounted for 65% of all its policies in 2016, has developed over the past decade, transforming the mobile phone industry.

The iPhone X, launched September 12th at Apple’s annual event in California, will feature wireless charging, facial recognition and a TrueDepth camera, as well as an edge-to-display for the first time. The handset is a stark contrast from the first iPhone which launched in November 2007. The original model was available in aluminium grey, had a 1.2 MP rear camera, a maximum of 16GB data, no 3G, no apps and no videos.

loveit coverit’s infographic details key features of each device, as well as milestones such as the introduction of the App Store and Apple Pay, as well as the inclusion of the first front-facing camera and video recording.