Information and technology industries have seen amazing growth and expansion throughout the years. Many previously impossible feats are now feasible due to major technological advancements seen in this sector.

James Cuthbert is one of the leading drivers of growth in the Information and Technology sector. He is an enterprising and enthusiastic business person who wants to innovate and surpass hurdles. It’s surprising, but James is one of the very few people who recognize the importance of new ideas and the consistency of operations. He surrounds himself with like-minded engineers and brilliant minds on whom he shins his light. Incredibly, His achievements haven’t diminished His humility, and He can still work with whomever He needs to succeed.

Even though he’s been in the I.T. sector for two decades, James is not a newcomer to the mainstream. He began his career on a BBC Master computer by Acorn Computers (a British computer company founded in Cambridge, England, in 1978 that produced several computers that were particularly well known in the U.K., including the Acorn Electron and the Acorn Archimedes) before upgrading to a P.C. running Windows 3.1. They transitioned from using a large floppy disk to a new system, Windows 95, and then built their computers.

Even at 17, James thought it was time to make a big move, starting his own I.T. company. The person he is now results from what he has achieved over time. His many achievements and collaborations include cyber security, cloud computing, I.T support, the telecommunications industry, search engine optimization, marketing, and company development.

Before co-hosting Live T.V. in London, James was well-acquainted with many dragons from the iconic BBC TV show Dragons Den. In addition to The Apprentice, James was also contacted by a major T.V. show where he placed in the top 10% of the country on season 4. However, he declined to return because it wasn’t a path he wanted to pursue, even though the experience provided him with many valuable insights that he still uses in his day-to-day activities.

Moreover, James worked for the U.K. police department’s computer network as a technical engineer, where he built up their networks and made updates to their tracking systems. He has also been a cyber security advisor to Fujitsu on one of their startup online virtual platforms called VZones, which is still operational despite being under new ownership.

He is the CEO of Tetrabyte Limited, an I.T. and telecommunications company in the U.K. and one of the world’s best-ranked in its field. The company provides affordable I.T. services, such as I.T. Support, Business Phone Systems (VoIP), Mobile Phones, Fibre Broadband, Leased Lines, Backup, 365, and other I.T. Services. The company emphasizes openness, honesty, and transparency in its operations. 

Tetrabyte started as an information and technology company, with its telecoms division emerging as a separate entity due to flaws that Tetrabyte had discovered in the service of other telecommunications firms. Concerned citizens and clients often asked them if they could provide a telecoms solution with the same level of professionalism with which they handled their information and technology. As a result of thorough research and development, he started to get involved in the telecommunications industry. By simply introducing his new service, he increased his company’s current client base by more than 80%, making it a resounding success.

James provides a worthy example to look up to as a role model for many people who want to work in the industry and those who want to manage their enterprises and maximize their returns. Besides serving as the director of Tetrabyte Limited, James also functions as a business advisor for several prominent firms across various industries. James is also interested in global politics and corporate law and spends much time touring the world because he knows that living for fun is not enough.