Meet Nicholas Taylor: Britain’s Lawyer to the Stars


With his shock of silver hair and ready smile, Nick Taylor looks more like a film star than a lawyer. Beneath his smooth, affable manner there is a backbone of titanium, however, and he has earned his place as the media lawyer in the South East through many years of hard work.

Qualifying as a solicitor in 1993, he joined Healys LLP, perhaps the most prominent law firm in the Southern England, where he became a partner in 2001 and an owner in 2009. Nick’s entrepreneurial flair saw him recognise the wealth of celebrity and media clients in and around Brighton – known as ‘London by the Sea’ – as well as London itself and he embraced this sector, helping Healys rapidly become the only game in town for the serious players and their businesses. He was recently recognised in the prestigious Legal 500.

Away from Healys, Nicholas is also a proactive, successful Executive Producer on the independent film scene and his most recent credit is The Krays – Dead Man Walking, the most successful non-theatrical British film of 2018.

Nicholas’ natural leadership qualities were recognised in 2017 when he was invited to become President of the Essex Power 100 initiative, recognising people of note in the county and celebrating their success. It was such a success that in 2018 the London Power 100 and Brighton Power 100 were launched to similar fanfare, once again with Nicholas as president.

One of the most popular figures on the Brighton and London social scenes, Nicholas is also an active advocate and ambassador for the popular Brighton Charity The Starr Trust, for which he raises huge amounts of money each year. In 2018 he aligned the Trust with the Brighton Power 100 project, making it their official charity.