Meet YouTube’s Creators for Change UK ambassadors


Today YouTube welcomes eight incredible UK creators to the YouTube Creators for Change programme as the class of 2018. This global initiative, which began in 2016, spotlights and supports inspirational creators who use YouTube’s global reach to change conversations around tough issues and make a truly positive impact on the world.

Chosen for their passion and dedication to creating social change, the Creators For Change ambassadors come from over 16 countries and represent a combined audience of 26 million fans. As part of YouTube’s $5M investment in this program, each creator will receive support through a combination of project funding, mentorship opportunities, and ongoing production assistance at the YouTube Spaces.

The UK inspirational young creators are:

Riyadh K – an Irish/Iraqi YouTube content creator, author, radio host, public speaker and journalist. A strong advocate for LGBTQ+ issues, he is best known for fronting the ground-breaking BBC documentary series ‘Queer Britain’ which led to three award nominations and global critical acclaim.

Humza Arshad – an actor, comedian and writer who has racked up close to 90 million views on his Channel. Always with a sharp wit, his videos often touch upon his life experience as a Londoner from Pakistani decent, and last year he became the first British YouTuber to film a fully scripted show for the BBC.

BENI – Nadir Nahdi is the founder of BENI, a channel highlighting young people from diverse backgrounds through meaningful and visually engaging content. His YouTube channel aims to celebrate youth culture and young people of colour, as he presents his fans with an intimate insight into the global underground of young change-makers.

MyPaleSkin – Em is a creator, photographer and multi-award winning filmmaker who creates transformational looks on her YouTube channel which demonstrate the power of makeup. She leads the global movement for #SkinPositivity to encourage others to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Myles Dyer – British cyber-philanthropist Myles Dyer has experimented with YouTube video blogging since 2006. His content covers a wide spectrum of subjects including education, mental health, activism, politics and entertainment. Myles passionately believes in online community: He organised early UK YouTube gatherings, became a UNICEF honorary fellow after creating the 24-hour non-stop live charity fundraiser ‘Stickaid’, and was also nominated for ‘Broadcast Hotshot 2012’.

Jazza John – creating videos on YouTube for over a decade, Jazza focuses on making social issues, politics and LGBTQ+ advocacy accessible for all. He’s also passionate about tackling the taboo subject of male depression.

SuperSamStuff – a film student studying in London. His channel centres around bedroom vlogs and short filmmaking, with videos touching on identity, passion, and how it feels to grow up in the modern age.

Fun for Louis – a 21st Century filmmaker who documents his travels with nothing more than a bag on his back and a camera in his hand. Famed for his focus on positive message, he immerses himself in the cultures of the places he visits.

Each Creator will be involved in the second annual Social Impact Camp at YouTube Space London this summer. The Social Impact Camp is an exclusive two-day-long camp featuring inspirational speakers, video production workshops, and mentorship opportunities with experts as well as time for the ambassadors to connect with one another.

Over the next few months, the 2018 Creators for Change ambassadors will kick off projects addressing hate speech, xenophobia and/or extremism through different creative forms. There are many more incredible ideas in the works from these inspiring YouTube role models.