Local start up on a mission to drive happy lives for cats and dogs


Meet Scrumbles, a conscious start up on a mission to drive happy lives for cats and dogs – launching this month!

Aneisha Soobroyen and Jack Walker told us “As doting pet parents we’ve always wanted what’s best for our Smudge and Boo. But having seen the pet food market from the inside out we were unhappy with the choices available. Unable to find yummy, good food that didn’t cost the Earth, we set out to create our own.”

The Scrumbles line up consists of 7 lines.

4 varieties of food for dogs, in 2kg, rrp £11.49 each tailored to a breed size and life stage

• Small & Medium Breed – Daring Dogs, Chicken

• Large Breed – Daring Dogs, Chicken

• Small & Medium Breed – Playful Puppies, Chicken

• Large Breed – Playful Puppies, Chicken

3 varieties of food for cats in 750g, rrp £6.99 tailored to life stage and offering a choice of flavours for fussy felines

• Cool Cats, Chicken

• Cool Cats, Chicken with Salmon

• Curious Kitties, Chicken

Walker added “We’ve taken care to ensure our food is both nutritious and delicious. Each of our recipes are carefully tailored for species, breed size and life stage and crammed with up to 75% chicken. Using a blend of freshly prepared and dried chicken, ensures high levels of animal protein (the best kind!) and delivers an irresistible taste. We avoid nonsense like artificial preservatives, colours or flavours and unnecessary nasties like salt, sugar and pea protein. Catering to sensitive tummies, our food is gluten free, has added probiotics and is naturally hypoallergenic.”

Scrumbles launches this May. Join them for an adventure at: www.scrumbles.co.uk