MegaBuzz Music Promotions has been the leading music PR and Music Marketing Company globally for over ten years in the industry. Voted as the best marketing company by over 30 to publications including LA weekly, The Frisky, Fame Magazine and more, MegaBuzz have worked with the biggest A-List Celebrities and Major record labels such as Sony, Warner and Universal Music Group. The company offers labels and artists music marketing services such as Spotify Playlist Promotion, Radio Promotion and Press Services. We had the chance to speak to the company’s CEO and Founder Victor Hart on the change of the music industry today

What is special about MegaBuzz Music Promotions approach to PR?

Being strategic. We believe in planning and finding the best angle to use for an artist’s project so we can deliver that as headline news to the media. We have a world class experienced team of publicists who are very creative and deliver on every major level.

How do you create a buzz around an unknown band or Artist?

We create a buzz for an unknown band by finding the best press angle for an artist and using our extensive media contacts across the world to have the artist featured from Spotify Playlist Promotion, Radio Promotion and Press Services.

What’s been happening recently at MegaBuzz Music Promotions?

We have been working with very talented upcoming artists such as Nadel Paris from France. We managed to secure a Billboard chart placement for her latest EP on the Billboard dance chart at number 38 plus getting her booked on multiple gigs. We also have exciting new acts from Major Record Labels such as Universal Music Group and Sony that we are going to breaking into the music industry very soon

How has the rise of Spotify and other music-streaming services affected how the music PR industry promotes bands?

Spotify has been really amazing. With Spotify playlists breaking new acts every day, this is the best time to be an artist as there are so many ways artists can make revenue from streaming through Spotify and also getting on the charts. Take a look at Lil Nas X for example. An indie rapper who used $30 to becoming a millionaire overnight. All because of Spotify

Is there anything the agency is particularly experienced at when helping out journalists with their stories? 

Researching the client and researching the news story you are developing. Every artist is different so every artist requires different attention. So once we have that we can easily make the artist bigger

What media do you seek out first thing in the morning?


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