Monday Motivation: Cosmin Cernica about his travel plans, 2020 goals and more


Well known on the London social scene, Cosmin Cernica is a lifestyle influencer, entrepreneur and a true jet setter.

We caught up with Cosmin to talk about his one month long winter escape, his travel plans and more.

Judging by your Insta feed, you are always somewhere else. How often do you actually travel?

I just came back from a one month winter escape in the Philippines. That much needed sun when London is grey and gloomy.

I don’t think I travel that often, of not as much as I would love to, but I plan my feed really well so sometimes I post vacay pics even though I am in London. So to answer your question, maybe every 2 months.

One month in the Philippines…how was that? Was this your first time there?

One month full of sunshine, friends, parties, good food and so many amazing memories. This was my third time in the Philippines actually. When I used to live in Dubai, one of my friends there convinced me to visit the magnificent islands and she promised me that I will fall in love, and so I did. At heart I am a city boy, so this time I’ve spend most of the time in Manila – where the old and traditional intersect with the future, where people are super friendly and the parties are super fun.

Where are you off to next?

I’m going to Paris for a long weekend on Thursday. Paris is always a good idea.

Favourite spot in Paris?

Hotel Costes, definitely. It got a certain je ne sais quoi.

As everybody knows, travelling can have a bad impact on your skin. Can you share your skincare regime secrets?

Scrub, serums, masks and plenty of water. I am quite obsessed and very strict when it comes to skincare and I always try to take extra care especially when I have long haul flights.

The Hyaluronic serum from Barbara Sturm is an absolute favourite.

Another little secret is the BB tinted moisturizer from Shakeup Cosmetics. I have been using it for a couple of months now and my skin looks flawless, plus it got SPF which is so, so important. It’s the new makeup exclusively for men.

Any other exciting travel plans for 2020?

It might be New York this March, I will definitely be in Dubai at some point this spring and possibly a few months in Sydney.