New research into the average family road trip finds FIVE rounds of eye-spy, six snacks and four family sing-alongs are all commonplace


Three loo stops, two bouts of tears, 11 cries of ‘’are we nearly there yet?’’, one cry of “I feel sick” – and getting lost TWICE are all part and parcel of the average family car journey, according to a new survey:

Researchers surveyed 5,000 British families on their summer getaways and found the typical road trip to a holiday destination in the UK or the continent includes FIVE rounds of eye-spy, six snacks and four family sing-alongs.

However, as anyone who has even been on a long, hot family car journey will testify, our annual road trips are not always harmonious.

We will take two wrong turns, have three arguments over what music should be played and endure three instances of someone being a ‘back-seat driver’.

The poll by found the average family car journey to a holiday destination will take a painstaking SEVEN hours, with Cornwall, Devon and the Lake District being the most popular parts of the UK to head to.

According to the poll, almost 40 percent of respondents said they find driving to a holiday destination incredibly stressful, with one in four having broken down once this summer and 62 percent of us getting stuck in Bank Holiday traffic jams.