NewVIc launch partnership with King’s College London to bring the ancient world to East London


King’s College London and NewVIc present a bespoke series of exclusive sessions with leading Classics professors.

The course is designed exclusively for students on the college’s Honours Programme and a limited number of gifted and talented Year 11 students in the borough.

The program will run over 8 sessions starting from Wednesday 31 October with 4 members of senior lecturers from King’s College London covering topics ranging from classical art and architecture, ancient religion, ancient history and the New Testament, Latin, Shakespeare and modern multilingualism.

The Classics Programme has specially been put together to tie in with relevant A level subjects and encourage, inspire and engage young people in viewing Classics as a viable degree option. The course is, however, not only for those students interested in studying Classics at degree level but for anyone interested in exploring the links between the ancient and modern world and who wants to further develop their study skills.