Note to Tech Students: Ten Well-Paid Jobs


Let’s be real: when we select what we want to do as careers, a fat paycheck has to be a part of the criteria, right? Otherwise, why do you think people go for white and blue-collar jobs? The main reason is that they get paid well for the services they offer. Good salaries make these industries alluring. And the IT sector is one of the most competitive and profitable fields.

This piece will focus on the highest paying jobs in the IT industry one should consider to secure a sorted future. So without any further ado, let’s dive in.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is the link between engineering and coding, thus, a vital asset in the tech world. The best thing about being a DevOp is that they are an essential team player in all departments in any workplace. The role of a DevOp is to develop and upgrade numerous IT systems within the company.

To qualify for this job, one needs to have immense and in-depth knowledge of several coding languages, security systems, software engineering, collaboration, problem-solving and analytical skills. The pay of a DevOp is estimated at $120,000.

Information Systems Security manager 

This position is a well-paying one in the IT sector, with someone bagging at least $149,000 as a salary. Security is one of the pillars of holding a business afloat, and so a qualified candidate possesses a lot of technical information and training regarding security networks. More so, since they are a manager, leadership skills are a must because they are in charge of and head of a team of tech-savvy experts working under him or her.

Additionally, one must be a certificate holder of regulatory bodies such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and the like. So to secure this position, one must go beyond just a degree in the industry.

Data architect 

A data architect is a person responsible for formulating the processes vital in making the company’s decisions. They are the people who facilitate the switch of the business requirements into workable database solutions that oversee all business operations, including data storage. They are also in charge of data organization in the system, ensuring that the databases are in order and optimal functioning. A Data architect can eearn close to $145,500.

Senior web developer 

A senior web developer position is held by a tech guru who creates all web-based applications and tailors them to fit a business. For instance, to use an essay helping site, they shall work with the constraints put across by the company’s owner and ensure that you find your essay helper on essayhelp effortlessly.

They oversee the creation of websites from the front-end to the back-end and have extensive experience working with numerous content management systems. A senior web developer makes an average of $130,000.

A big data engineer 

A prominent data engineer is the orchestrator of changing raw data into actionable info that sets business strategy, divides, and innovates the business model. Getting this job done is not as simple since it requires years of studying and experience to become an expert. One must have a degree in computer science and study mathematics and statistics.

They are the brains behind a company’s hardware and software architecture and even allocating people to manage these constraints. A prominent data engineer can be earning a median salary of $165,000 and above.

Mobile application developer

Today, every company running on the internet has a mobile-friendly version of their website, and the person in charge is a mobile applications developer. These positions are well paying since the level of demand for a person with the skillset to get these jobs done is astounding. So much so, to qualify, one has to have surpassed knowledge in popular mobile operating systems to create applications that seamlessly run on them. A mobile application developer may very well secure a bag reaching at least $140,000 and even go beyond.

Network engineer

These experts are also called Cloud engineers since they formulate networking and cloud storage hardware and software. A network engineer does the execution, designing, maintenance, and upgrading of the cloud services. They also ensure that the network is secure and safe from harm or fraud.

That said, they must possess knowledge of cloud technology, server, and network infrastructure, not forgetting cybersecurity knowledge. Certifications such as Cisco CCNA, CCIE, and CCNP are valuable if one wants to become a network engineer. The salary midpoint is about $120,000.