Sian Berry pledges to set up “People’s Land Commission” as Green Mayor


Sian Berry has pledged to set up a “People’s Land Commission” to restore and revive local communities if elected Mayor of London in May. [1]

A key principle of Sian’s bid to be Mayor is to give power back to people on the ground to deliver the better city we need. This policy would help people work from the grassroots up to transform high streets, plan a low carbon future, and create community infrastructure and new homes.

Borough councils would be supported to bring together professionals, experts, Londoners and community groups to chart their local areas, and make plans that will create new homes without demolition and bring new life to underused buildings and plots of land.

Greens believe that local knowledge is the best way to find the right places for new homes, new trees and green spaces, green energy infrastructure, repair and reuse services, new green businesses, new parks, theatres, community and youth centres, or whatever else communities need to build resilience in the recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

Sian said:

“I will put power back into the hands of Londoners by setting up a People’s Land Commission.

“Together, we will go out into our city, and find land to use for the things which actually matter, and which build the resilience we need not only to get through this crisis but to be stronger when we face the next challenges in our city.

“The People’s Land Commission will empower boroughs, councillors, local people and businesses to map their areas and put forward ideas to use land for new homes, green spaces, community infrastructure and businesses from the ground up.

“The huge responses from people on the ground, from all walks of life, to the climate and ecological emergency and the coronavirus crisis, has shown the potential for local action and local ideas. These can be helped to fly with the new levers and new agency a Green Mayor will provide.

“There are groups meeting every week in all parts of London looking at these issues in detail with ideas that we in City Hall must help to make happen.”