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While most online betting firms may offer high-quality client service, some may deviate from their terms and conditions when you’re playing on the site. An important question that you may need to ask yourself is: what do I do if a casino breaks specific clauses of their terms and conditions? 

You need to understand that you’ve your rights protected when playing on a licensed casino’s platform following responsible business terms. Any underhand deals must be reported to the right authority in your country. Stay tuned to discover the most frequent complaints by bettors, disagreement submission procedures, and some bodies that you may approach with your discontent.

Frequent Online Casino Complaints

When picking your casino online for real money, various reasons may compel you to tender a complaint against a virtual casino. The most frequent complaints by punters are listed and explained below:

Terms and conditions (T&C)

Most casinos have expansive documents/pages on their terms and conditions. Overwhelmed by the amount of information, some punters may not read through the terms and conditions page. This means that such bettors do not understand their rights and that of the casino.

In most cases, gamblers’ complaints touch on the welcoming bonuses and specific playing requirements. Remember, when you’re signing up, you must read understand the terms and conditions of the welcoming bonuses and other deals and discounts.

In case the terms and conditions page is lengthy, it’s vital to hire an experienced consultant who can read it on your behalf. Such a professional may read through the document and point out sections that may be of concern to you.

Slowness in Payouts

Some online casinos are fast in depositing your money in your website account but very lax in terms of processing the withdrawal that you when in their jackpot. Although there could be various genuine reasons for the delay, some may not have any valid reasons. In case you experience unnecessary delays in withdrawing your money, it’s important to submit a complaint to the relevant authority.

Know Your Client (KYC)

Before your account is verified, you must provide a valid ID. Some casinos take time before they verify the same. This procedure is essential because casinos want to minimize cybercrime incidents and underage playing. It’s advisable to be patient when this procedure is being undertaken.

Technical Hitches 

Although casinos are fuelled by top-notch systems, they may occasionally encounter technical glitches. Technical errors may sometimes interrupt your smooth playing and even cancel your win.

Sadly, the terms and conditions state that technical errors are beyond the operator’s control. However, sometimes you can submit a complaint if the glitches cancelled your win.


The self-exclusion clause allows you to opt-out from the casino platform for a specific period of time. The self-exclusion clause demands that when you opt-out, you’re not supposed to receive any form of communication from the online casino. 

However, some casinos may still send their content to you. In case you receive any form of information from a casino platform you excluded yourself from, it’s important to submit a complaint.

Complaint Submission Procedures

Before escalating your complaints, an external body, it’s critical to try to resolve your issue with the casino in question. You can do this by approaching a client support center with your issue. You can either email your complaint or send a hard copy through a post office.

Your complaint letter to the casino in question must contain your name, contacts, and account user name. You should clearly capture your complaint and indicate when and how the issue took place. It’s critical to attach any evidence of your complaint.

Upon receipt of your complaint, the casino will go over through it to establish its validity. Although the casino may take time to investigate your claim, they should not take an unreasonably long time. In case they’re delaying in responding, you may consider escalating your complaint to a higher authority within the casino.

After concluding the investigation, the casino will contact you with a proposal on the way forward. You end the dispute in case you’re satisfied with the proposal. However, if you’re not happy, you may escalate your case to the relevant authority.

External Bodies to Submit Complaints To

Depending on your location, you can submit your casino dispute to a number of third-party organizations. The bodies will approach the casino with your complaint and look for the best way of solving your complaint amicably.

In case you’re in the UK, you can submit your complaint to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) in case the casino operator breached on their terms and conditions. If your dispute is related to misleading adverts, approach the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) with your complaint. Other bodies that can handle your dispute with online casinos include Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

There are also other alternative dispute resolutions associations that you can approach. These include the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) and Betting Adjudication Service (BAS).