Ridiculous golf superstitions


People who are far from the golf world think that it’s far from injuries, frustration and superstitions. How wrong they are indeed! Today https://top100-list.com/ gives you the full-coverage of the most notorious superstitions among pro players and amateurs. Be aware, it’s both hilarious and vital information. The champs of The US Open and The Masters Tournament wouldn’t lie. Get ready and prepare your notebook. Let’s go.

Never use colored tees

Red can mean danger in Western culture which is quite different to China where red dragon is a symbol of money and success. So using red tees might lead to a dangerous round. Tony Lema white tees too. LMAO, but he said that white is too common and might bring bad luck. Unfortunately he died two years later after he won a major title 1964 Open Championship in a plane crash. His death was both shocking and cinematographic, because his plane crashed directly in the water hazard. I wish one day will come out a movie about Scottish champ of the 60s who lived the game and died on the territory of Lansing Country Club in Illinois. R.I.P. Let’s go further. Lee Trevino avoided yellow tees, because he thought that yellow is the color of cowardice( we hope that Tour De France winners and fans won’t be offended). But no matter how ridiculous it sounds, Lee Trevino has won the U.S. Open, PGA Championship and The Open Championship. So keep that in mind. Also his superstition or habit was to throw his hat like a frisbee after a lucky shot. Watch his best shots on YouTube, really nice play.

Gamble carefully

You know there are loads of golf gambling games like

  • Daytona
  • Bingo, Bango, Bongo
  • Banker
  • Nassau
  • The Dot Game
  • Vegas
  • Rabbit and any more.

Drive for show, putt for dough, as a greatest golf champion once said. That for sure, golfer’s mind revolves around money making and risk, so use different ways to improve your concentration and feeling of limits.

Be aware of pockets

According to ratingbet the winner of The Open Championship 1973 Tom Weiskopf considered that it’s lucky sign to carry three penny coins in his pockets. There are controversials about golfers what to carry in pockets, but just about the whole majority of players are convinced, that it’s important to never have an extra ball in your pocket! It means that you don’t trust yourself and most likely you will lose.

Never talk to your ball

No one exactly knows where it comes from but many magazines and golfers follow that rule.

Have lucky markers

You should never mark your ball with a coin worth less than a quarter. It means you are cheap and will pay more on a course.

Tap the inside of the cap

After you make a putt greater than 3 feet tap the inside of the cup with the ball as you remove it. If you don’t do this you will suffer on every hole for the rest of the round.

Never wash your ball on a good round

Any pro will tell you good luck is encrusted on everything and you shouldn’t wash it off. Fortunately in golf that only means the ball. So don’t let your short stink in a clubhouse.

If you know any more weird golf superstitions please let us know. It’s not an exaggeration, because everything in golf matters. Golf strategy is a very difficult thing where you need to count every important moment like weather, equipment, stamina, character, personal life and many more aspects. But we love the game.