Royals hope to shrug off ‘mad’ Jimmy Savile links, says man who exposed his evil


THE ROYAL Family will “bury their heads” and try to shrug off evidence suggesting Jimmy Savile had a very close relationship with Prince Charles and Princess Diana, it was claimed today.

In a stinging attack on the Royals, Mark Williams-Thomas, whose ITV documentary led to him being unmasked as a prolific sex offender, claimed Savile regularly popped into Buckingham Palace and was even set to be Charles’s official marriage guidance counsellor.

Speaking on GB News this, TV investigator Mark said: “They will do what the royals do, which is bury their head and make no comments at all.

“When we did the second Savile exposure programme, we looked very closely into the connection between Prince Charles and Savile and also other members of the family.

“Savile used to go into Buckingham Palace and sit down and have cups of tea with the staff there.

“He was very, very close to Prince Charles and to Lady Diana and in fact, at one stage he was courted to be the counsel for Prince Charles and Charles would go into problems in his relationship with Princess Diana.

“I mean – absolutely mad, given that Savile himself had no long term relationships ever in his past.”

He made his comments during Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel on GB News this morning.

Mr Williams-Thomas said one of the major mysteries about Savile is why honours were heaped on him when the police knew of allegations of sexual abuse of children.

“The question that gets raised and I think has never been addressed is how did this man, when there were concerns – and we know that because the Metropolitan Police had a significant amount of information in their record – how did this man manage to get to a position where not only was he given an OBE, MBE, he was knighted.

“And he was a papal knight. This is a man who got through all the security checks, even when there was information held on him.”

He told host Eamonn Holmes that it is disturbing that no one has been held to account for failing to stop Savile.

“One of the problems Eamonn is that the main issue that still needs to be resolved is to hold people to account. Nobody has done that yet, even after the massive amount of reviews that were done,” he said.

“Following the exposure of Savile, nobody was held to account either from the BBC or from any of the health authorities and I think that’s the one thing that still troubles me.”

Mr Williams-Thomas added: “He was an incredibly controlling, persuasive individual.

“He managed to get himself right to the very top of the industry and as a result was allowed to do almost whatever he wanted. That’s what gave him the access.”

Meanwhile Eamonn Holmes has told of his “odd” meetings with Savile saying “he always got what he wanted”.

“You know, you couldn’t really put him in a box and certainly while I was living in Manchester, while he was active, I never heard any stories about him to warn me off though people thought he was odd.

“I thought he was very controlling. When I met him and he didn’t like something he immediately turned on you, the producers, or the researchers and he got what he wanted all the time.”