Sarah Meets Dress 2 Party


by Sarah Martin || Columnist

Every woman I know dreams of wearing that amazing dress and wearing it to that amazing party, basically something not too far off from the Cinderella story.
Most women like me are not too hung up on the Prince charming part because it’s about the dress and the getting ready and the excitement of looking like a million dollars,  if we meet a handsome prince wearing that dress then we take it as it is, have fun but don’t plan our whole lives around a happy ending.

Anyway, back to the most important part of this story, the dress!!

I attended the launch party for a new TV show that I am one of the cast members of called Girly Night In, which is a show about a bunch of girlfriends chilling together and talking about everything!!!!

I was so excited to attend the launch party but I had less than a week to find that dress!

I looked everywhere I could think of trying to find a dress that would make me feel like Cinderella in 2018 and everywhere I looked offered very basic, bland and frankly boring designs.
I was this close to making my own dress when I decided to try searching for key words glamourous dresses UK in Google. Thankfully one of the search results that came up was a website called

When I entered the website I was immediately blown away and fell head over heels with EVERYTHING I saw! I was excited and thrilled!

Obviously I needed to try these dresses on before making my selection and with less than 24 hours to go I was running out of time.

I called their shop in London and asked to speak with the owner Vanessa Kenley and I explained my deadline and what I was looking for. Her humble and kind approach to my dilemma was so welcoming considering I was so stressed out and running out of time.
She asked me to come in and see her the next day so she could help me find that dress.

When I got to the shop on Finchley Road North West London, I was blown away by how busy it was. There were so many excited women in the shop trying on fabulous dresses. I was drooling over all the beautiful dresses hanging up waiting for their princesses.

I met Vanessa for the first time who was so friendly and helped me find this gorgeous Black Mermaid style dress and I just fell in love with it.

A dress doesn’t make a woman but it can make her feel like a Queen and for my launch party night I felt so opulent, elegant and regal in this stunning dress.

The details on the dress are of high quality and every inch of it so well thought out. As a plus size Queen myself it’s hard to find a dress that holds you in all the right places and doesn’t make you feel like you are compromising on style. Dress2Party offers you everything you’ll  need and more when it comes to finding that dress.

I am excited to find a company that brings the Glitz and glamorousness of the Hollywood red carpet to the UK.
They have stores in all corners of the UK and a massive selection on line.

I highly recommend Dress2Party and can’t wait to get my next dress from them and eventually build up a beautiful worthy collection of heavenly dresses.

Much love

Sarah Martin xoxo