Serial film extra Sean Cronin in SHOCK music debut


by Dan Bryans | E-Editions

If you are an avid indie film fan such as I am the name Sean Cronin needs no introduction.

The serial film extra who has bagged supporting artist roles in a wide range of films then attempting to class himself as an actor today made a shocking career move.

Whilst the move had nothing to do with April Fools Day which is weeks away, Cronin took to his social media to announce that he once fronted a goth-rock band and to bring the spirit of Mothers Day to his followers he had released a single.

Cronin and his band decided to make their own version of Finally” by CeCe Peniston, ninety seconds into what I can now officially call the worst re-make ever – my immediate question is WHY?!

If you found Cronin unbearable in his low budget film cameos then this video will send you over the edge, it seems like the whole thing was filmed by a 12year old media student whilst the vocals make your ears bleed beyond the point of medical intervention.

Cronin might have just single handedly ruined Mother’s Day for all his followers – at this rate Cronin will announce plans to be a model for Fathers Day!

Just in case you want to witness Sean Cronin’s musical debut –