SerpLogic’s Tommy McDonald Talks Digital Marketing Methods For 2020 And Into The Future


Tommy McDonald has run a number of successful businesses in the IM space and SerpLogic, founded in 2015, has gone from strength to strength in said area. Tommy knows a thing or two about digital marketing and these tips from him will help you accomplish your goals.

  1. Email Marketing Is Still Alive And Well

For a while, many people “forgot” about e-mail. However, it has made a big comeback and is still the most commonly used method for companies to communicate with their customers. E-mail marketing is simply a piece of content sent to numerous people (prospects or customers) at the same time. There are, of course, strategies that can be used. If you don’t already have an email list, then you need to get one started so that you can effectively use email marketing.  Lead magnets are an excellent way to entice people to give their contact information to you. Freebies such as checklists, cheat sheets, ebooks, etc. all work effectively with visitors to websites.

  1. Social Networks Are Here To Stay

Social media makes it possible for people to directly connect with your business. This type of digital marketing tends to confuse many small business owners – when should it be used?

Building an effective social media marketing strategy is not easy. However, to get started, it is best to consider these items: plans, objectives, content, feedback, updates. Make sure to monitor social media on a regular basis for mentions of your brand and quickly respond to any messages that you receive.

  1. What Is The State Of Your Blog

If you do not have a blog yet, then you are doing things wrong!

It isn’t necessary to become the world’s famous blogger. However, you must admit that it’s a really interesting channel for becoming relevant in the search engines. You publish important information on your blog on topics that relate to your specific business niche and industry.

You should continuously update your blog with trending and latest industry updates and provide value to readers by offering them tutorials, trends, and tips. Post once a week at least to your blog and share your posts across your social media accounts.

  1. Ads (And Sponsored Links)

When discussing digital marketing strategies, ads are potentially the first thing that many people think of. When it comes to advertising, digital ads are different than traditional ads are since they are not meant to initially sell. The main idea here is catalyzing traffic.

The simplest way to say this is that ads take prospective customers over to your website to purchase the service or product there.

In order to get qualified clickthroughs over to your website, you need to spend time on making improvements to the quality factor in your Google Ad campaigns. Having relevant call-to-actions and landing pages can make a significant impact on your ad spending and in attracting qualified leads on your website.

  1. Your Sales Funnel – It Is Important To Thoroughly Understand This!

When it comes to Ads, which take prospective customers over to your website, what is the best thing to do next? Show them your product and say “buy this?” Of course not! These days, there is a lot of discussion regarding the sales funnel. It basically works as a type of bait in order to attract customers to buy your product.

How do sales funnels work?

A prospective customer enters your website. You now need to think of ways to help them understand why your product is important for their life – without directly mentioning your product.

There are several different ways that this can be achieved – it will depend on what your digital marketing strategy is. Briefly put, your marketing strategy needs to have the right sales funnel that includes customer touchpoints that are well-defined.

  1. Rethink What You Are Actually Selling

You are unable to show products online in the same way that you can in a supermarket aisle. The main idea should be selling the benefits rather than just the product itself Your customer’s impressions are related to his satisfaction level – including an online community presence, competitive advantage, improvements, changes, and customer service.

  1. Always Have A Presence Within The Online World

Whether your digital marketing is done through ads, a blog, social networks, or email – your need to ensure that your company is active online. You need to do this to defend your brand and to keep up with what is happening within the digital world. Always show content, have interesting topics, and respond quickly, ensure your website ranks highly with Serplogic. Although initially, your company might not be well-recognized, your brand will eventually gain recognition through persistence and patience.

  1. Begin To Think About Instagram And Pinterest

These two networks are based on images. They are both free to use and have many followers. The platforms are used already by many stores, restaurants, and cafes. Small businesses selling products with plenty of visual appeal should always take full advantage of these websites.

  1. Remember To Use The Press

Despite all of the advances in technology that have occurred, the press is still a great way to publicize your business. Add announcements to press release sites and news portals and also used more traditional media sources as marketing methods to increase your visibility.