Shamed city staffer MARK BROADHEAD faces police probe following sexual assault allegations


Shamed city financial consultant Mark Broadhead is reportedly facing a police probe following sexual assault allegations made by an escort the 60-year old encountered earlier this year.

Broadhead who reportedly lives alone in a cramped rental apartment in South London is thought to be fighting these allegations and has already instructed leading city law firm Vardags to look into the said charges.

Following the death of his father, George Broadhead, the former CFO of Mobil Oil – Mark’s life is thought to have take a turn for the worse and he hasn’t been able to hold onto a single job for more than six months.

A friend of Broadhead’s from Raynes Park slammed the 60 year old telling us “he’s one of those guys who thinks he’s god’s gift to women.”

Metropolitan Police could neither confirm nor deny an investigation when contacted by London Post this evening.

Mr Broadhead has been contacted for comment and is yet to respond.